About Us

About Us

We are a production company that provides high-end video and print services.  Since 2012, we have worked with a wide range of clients, all of which are from an even broader background of industries.  Since we opened our doors, we have learned a great deal including what we do very well and, quite frankly, the things we don't do so well.  This has provided us with the opportunity to focus on the things we do exceptionally well.  

For our corporate clients, we produce a wide variety of videos including marketing videos, product demos, facility tours, testimonials, company overview videos and much more.  Much of our work is planned in advance including concept development, script writing, and location acquisition, just to name a few.  Our goal for our corporate clients is to produce the type of video content they are not only proud to promote, but video that will help them communicate more effectively with their audience.

Our athletic clients have access to our creative and fanatical passions we have towards sports and our in-house production services.  This includes producing in stadium video content such as crowd prompts, team intro videos, starting lineup videos and other related video and animation services.  We also produce print work that helps our athletic clients look good!  From team posters and schedule cards to player profile and gameday programs, we produce the type of creative designs your fans will love!

Our family documentaries are designed to give access to families looking to capture moments in a professional setting.  We know there is nothing more important than family and we also understand that the moments lived today become memories replayed for generations to come.  Our professional lighting, audio and video equipment is ready to capture the moments from your family that you wish you could replay over and over as the years pass by.  

Our Location

Although we are located in North Atlanta, our work has taken us to places all over.  Our corporate and gameday services are typically shot on location of that client.  Our ability to scout, identify and secure locations is essential to our work.  Whether we are shooting green screen video or capturing staged video on a location relevant to the story, we are typically out and about on filiming days.

Our family documentaries are shot in our studio or days predetermined.  We are flexible.  We know that it's not always easy to work around soccer schedules, school and family functions, that is why we focus on your schedule and when would be the best time for you to come to us for your video shoot.